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Weblo.com: Part MySpace, Part Second Life, Part Tulip Craze:-

CHICAGO – In researching Montreal-based Weblo.com, it is hard to tell if the new online social network that markets virtual assets based on actual property represents the beginning or the end of the second wave of the Internet boom.

Perhaps it is a little bit of both. Weblo was founded last fall by Montreal-based Internet and gaming entrepreneur Rocky Mizra.

On some accounts, the company’s business model is pioneering how social networking sites can generate more revenue for publishers and members alike. On other accounts, it can be interpreted as a 21st century pyramid scheme.

It works like this: Weblo sells virtual rights to a physical property (Chicago went for about $150 and California went for more than $50,000), people (including some tasteless Anna Nicole Smith aliases) and other Web sites.

Owners currently are making nominal income charging “taxes” to individuals who secure secondary property rights to addresses within those virtual municipalities. Owners are also making some money from advertising revenue based on traffic to those properties.

While the “mayor” of Chicago is currently earning only pennies per day in this virtual world, significant profits are being made through the resale of these virtual properties. Here is a breakdown of notable property sales from Weblo provided by the company as of Jan. 31, 2007.

Cities sold worldwide: 5,228
U.S. cities sold: 2,768

Highlights of State Purchase Prices Paid

United States
California: $53,000
Texas: $23,328
New York: $19,354
Florida: $18,047
Michigan: $10,201
Massachusetts: $7,417
New Jersey: $8,829

Ontario: $16,900 (original buyer paid $11,550 and made a $5,350 profit)
Quebec: $7,027
British Columbia: $3,674
Alberta: $3,035
Nova Scotia: $1,149

City Flipping For Profit

Seattle: bought for $40, sold for $2,000 ($1,960 profit)
Lincoln, Neb: bought for $15, sold for $800 ($785 profit)
Vancouver: bought for $118, sold for $503 ($385 profit)
Atlanta: bought for $21, sold for $250 ($229 profit)
Detroit: bought for $44, sold for $250 ($214 profit)
Austin: bought for $34, sold for $200 ($166 profit)
Denver: bought for $28, sold for $250 ($222 profit)
Washington, D.C.: bought for $33, sold for $99 ($66 profit)
Empire State Building: bought for $1, sold for $250 ($249 profit)
Chateau de Versailles: bought for $1, sold for $30 ($29 profit)

Provinces Earning Money

Quebec: $844
Ontario: $762
British Columbia: $277
Alberta: $106

Cities Earning Money

Montreal, Canada: $56
Newcastle, Australia: $27

States Earning Money

California: $265
Florida: $151
New Jersey: $94
Texas: $195
Money Made in Australia
New South Wales: $121
Queensland: $39

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