We have devised a 4D's (Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver) Methodology based on widely accepted Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

What we do:

With each assignment, our clients entrust their business challenges to us. And with each launch, we find the unique opportunity that lies within. All our business practices are structured to dig deep into the needs of our clients and develop a solution that captures market share. With every venture we become stronger, faster and take the scalability to a whole new level. We do not provide cheap solutions; we provide value with timely and measurable return on investment..

How We Work

Uncovering Opportunities, Capturing Market Share, Increasing Bottom Lines

When asked what makes Allainet different from other software companies, we give one word answer: Results
Our key practice areas are:

Application Development
Organic traffic from search engine optimization
Social marketing
Handheld apps

From Idea to Market Share in less time than any other tier one company in the market.


  • Business requirements
  • Software requirements
  • Use case analysis & Prototyping
  • System architecture
  • Design & Development
  • Integration Testing
  • Alpha & Beta Testing
  • System Rollout


  • Social Marketing apps
  • iPhone apps, Blackberry apps
  • Micro blogging automation
  • Organic traffic from Search Engine Optimization


  • Pre Marketing
  • Launch
  • Post Marketing
  • Growth

Each step above has its own specialists and we have already made our share of mistakes; which allows us to move full force ahead from day one. You are not getting a first timer company; instead you are getting a partner who has created ventures that went from Zero to Millions of people delivering triple digit growth month after month.

Our Clients